DharmaWiki will provide end-users an easy-to-grasp paraphrasing of knowledge contained in the archive, and answer FAQs in different areas of public interest. It will bridge the gaps for Internet users to discover and leverage the archive effectively. 
Vedavaapi will create and maintain the digitized Bharati Kosha archive by interfacing with various institutions to host their collections. It provides the software platform to build the archive as a federation of independent Bharati Kosha repositories with a seamless interface having single-sign-on, searchability, indexing and other value-addition on raw content stored in the archive.
Sanskrit Universities will harness their students and scholars (via internships and fellowships) to exercise their Sankrit and Shaastra expertise for making Bharati Kosha content intelligible and processable. It will train and employ them to use the Bharati Kosha platform for applied shaastra studies as well as to develop shaastra-based real-world applications. 

We’d be happy to onboard scholars and institutions that align with Bharati Kosha’s core tenets, to help enrich its content and services.

Institutional and Individual user base of such books would include

  • Academicians/Scholarly groups
  • Research scholars
  • Students (Both national and global)
  • Curious and serious readers

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