Bharati Kosha भारती-कोशः


Making Bhaaratiya Vijnan come alive

A collaborative effort to collect, digitize, preserve and cross-link all the textual sources of Bhaaratiya (Indic) Knowledge Heritage into a reliable, open and searchable Internet repository.

Bhaarati is another name of Saraswati, the personification of wisdom. It also means literature

Bharati Kosha (भारती-कोशः) is an electronic repository of Indic knowledge literature or Bhaaratiya Vijnaanam captured in text and other media, but in an intelligible form for students, researchers and enthusiasts to consult, study, reference and analyze.

This knowledge repository is designed as a joint effort with various Sanskrit institutions and sponsors at a national level to protect digitized Samskrit, English and regional language books pertaining to the following areas from all parts of Bharatavarsha.

  • Vedic Knowledge resources
  • Non-Vedic (Buddhist, Jain) Knowledge resources
  • Shastras and associated commentaries
  • Sampradayas of Bharat
  • Folklore and Indigenous literature
  • Sahitya of Bharat (“classical” Sanskrit texts)
  • Agamas and temple literature

Bharati Kosha is an unprecedented effort to secure and safeguard a digital collection of Bhaaratiya Knowledge books on Indian digital infrastructure. A bring-back-our-heritage initiative, which aims at building a usable “national repository” of valuable literary heritage by actively engaging the resources and services available in our country.

While several extensive collections of Indic documents already exist or are getting developed, Bharati Kosha will provide a primary / fallback version of provenance-verified content that is long-lasting, accessible anytime from anywhere.

It provides a permanent home for valuable indigenous knowledge. This should be seen as a digital heritage made available for posterity.

One of the larger goals is to make traditional knowledge amenable to intelligent use via search, mining, and to enable intelligent machine-processing with an aim to spur innovation.

            – Dr. Sai Susarla
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