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Bhaaratiya Knowledge Repository


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Bharati Kosha’s Online Text Conversion and Annotation Tool for Scanned Books

Integrates the latest OCR technology with human correction
to help you search and republish books and manuscripts in all Bharatiya languages at scale.

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A Handwritten Manuscript

Provide a permanent home for Bhaaratiya …

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Who are the people who are making things happen ? 

Bharati Kosha

Making Bhaaratiya heritage texts accessible and intelligible for scientific research.

Enabling  searchable and mine-able content, for humans and machines.


Respect for Bhaaratiya Traditions, Inclusivity, Dharmic Neutrality


Not-for-Profit Operations, Transparency, Organizational Neutrality


Openness, Dependability, Interoperability, Extensibility

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A collaborative effort to collect, digitize, preserve and cross-link all the textual sources of Bhaaratiya (Indic) Knowledge Heritage into a reliable, open and searchable Internet repository.


Bhaarati is another name of Saraswati, the personification of wisdom. It also means literature. 

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